Digitally Controlled Heated Quench Tank


In my quest for repeatable heat treating procedures I felt that a digitally controlled quench tank would allow me to quench my blades consistantly and reliably. When I first started to design my quench tank I was going to make the tank and purchase all the parts required but once I started thinking about the quench tank design I came to the conclusion that a small parts washer would make an ideal quench tank starting point. I already had a PID controller and a thermocouple as a spare from my forge to contribute to this project. I fabricated a control box to house all of the electronics and ordered a solid state relay. I purchased a 110 volt water heater element and an electrical junction block locally. I sketched out a quick wiring schematic for the electronics then the build began. I found a local source for quenching oil and filled the tank, fired it up and tested it. The quench tank will hold at 140 degrees with no noticable loss or gain of heat. Some cooling time will be required when quenching multiple blades as there is no cooling system built into the tank.


Front quarter
Control Box Wiring
Oil circulating
Starting to heat up
Up to temp and holding