KMG Style Knife Making Grinder


1st Project - KMG Style Knife Making Grinder.....basic concept borrowed from Rob Frink at


All the wheels, motor and variable speed controller purchased from Rob.


2 hp variable speed belt grinder 2"x72" belts

I still have to make the stand, a rest and a platten attachment but it is usable at this point.


I finally finished the multi purpose platten attachment. With this you can flat grind on any angle or use the 1 1/2" contact wheel or the 5" contact wheel for different contours. The original concept for the use of contact wheels on the platten was an idea I borrowed idea from Ed Caffrey "the Montana Bladesmith".




















Set up as flat platten


Set up as 5" contact wheel


Set up as 1 1/2" contact wheel


Spark deflector (keeps the sparks away from your face)


Adjustable platten with a ceramic liner to aid in keeping the belt and blade cooler while grinding.