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My name is Brad Anderson and I’m a part time bladesmith. My main focus at this time is to create affordable high quality hand made hunting and fishing knives made from high carbon steel or Crucible 154CM stainless steel.

My interest in knives started around age 8 or 10, when I would shape pieces of wood to make play swords and knives. I started hunting as a teen upon the suggestion of a close friend and still enjoy hunting with him today. The desire for a high quality knife developed soon after I first started hunting. As a teen, lacking the funds to buy a high quality knife forced me to learn how to make due with a cheaper knife and I would spend hours trying to sharpen and hone the knives I had to perfection.

By the time I reached my late teens I bought my first decent factory knife, a Buck knife. I was amazed at how it would take and keep a much better edge than all my other knives. It was then that I realized how important the steel choice and who the manufacturer of the blade was.

I have always enjoyed working with my hands, and through out the years I’ve been fortunate to have a variety of jobs and opportunities that have assisted me to develop the skills required in knife making. A few years ago while surfing for knives on the internet, I stumbled upon a knife forum. I found that there were many knife makers out there and they were making some spectacular knives. This peaked my interest in knife making again and lead the quest to find more forums where knife makers gathered.

I did a lot of research and soon began making my first knife, which turned out pretty good and inspired me to make more. Soon my friends were wanting to know if I could make knives for them, and that’s how I began as a part time maker.

I owe a lot to the fellow bladesmiths that frequent and that generously shared their knowledge of knife making. Through them I have learned to craft a well made knife. I also owe a lot to my better half, Kim, who supports me in my quest to be the best knife maker I can be and puts up with the countless hours I spend in the shop. Without her, I would still be using my buck knife.